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About Us

Total Live Music’s mission is to keep the Fans and Artists connected through the live music experience online. Our backgrounds are that of being both Fans and Artists and we have established our business practices and principals on the following

We believe

That Fans know what they like and don’t like in music. While expressing some disdain for things they don’t like, most Fans spend the majority of their energy connecting themselves to music and people who share their interests and experiences.

Fans like live music.

That Artists want Fans and to stay connected with them.

Artists want to perform their music live for their Fans.

The means available for Fans and Artists to stay connected have drastically changed.

Although we do not claim these principals are the only purposes for which we conduct ourselves, we do say this is who we are in regards to the foundation for and the creation of Total Live Music. It is this foundation for which we believe the live music experience can be extended online.

We recognize that it is impossible to take a position on file sharing; the digital age has made the old standards of distribution obsolete. We also recognize the rights of individuals and organizations granted to them by our constitution. We take great strides to recognize the rights of the Fans, the Artists and organizations who also have rights to the music (especially the ones who call us back) and honor those rights in accordance.

We believe in the power of music and the associated experiences we have had either attending or performing over the years. We offer this platform with the hopes that you will be able to extend the experiences you have had through both your life and the careers of the Artists who you will find within. We hope you share, contribute and enjoy those experiences with us.

Tom Carolan, FounderTom Carolan

A twenty year music industry vet, Tom worked his way up through Atlantic Records to an A&R position where he became an industry leader discovering and nurturing talents such as Stone Temple Pilots, The Lemonheads, Macy Gray among others as well as serving as Executive Producer for "The Crow" soundtrack. After similar stints at Sony and then back at Warner, in 2004 Tom founded and was CEO of J Rae Entertainment, an innovator in live music capturing and distribution with clients that included Rancid, Hootie and The Blowfish, Ted Nugent, Toots and The Maytals and the Coachella Music Festival. When founding Total Live Music in 2008, the mantra is simply to connect artists and fans through the power of live music.

Top 5 Performances: Nirvana (The Roxy, Los Angeles, CA), Marvin Gaye performing "The Star Spangled Banner" (1983 NBA All Star Game), The Black Keys (Antone's, Austin, TX), Tool (Club With No Name, Hollywood, CA), Jane's Addiction (John Anson Ford Theatre, Los Angeles, CA)

Terry Anderson, Director of TechnologyTerry Anderson

Terry is the systems architect of the site, from start to finish, front to back. Specializing in .NET technology, he has helped build sites for Honda, the Los Angeles Times and the Tribune Company. He is also the principal architect of JoeBarter.com.

Top 5 Performances: The Doors (The Forum, Los Angeles, Dec. 1968), The Plasmatics (Santa Monica Civic), T.Rex (Long Beach Auditorium), The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo (Madame Wongs Chinatown), Terra Naomi (Gypsy Den, Santa Ana)

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